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Just a Beautiful Dream

I open my eyes to find myself on the bed, staring at the ceiling, which only the moon softly illuminates. I wake only because something asked me to; I wake only because the night whispered to me. Not startled or alert, I am calm. But I sadly am awake. 
I remember only pieces; fragments. I try to close my eyes, but only darkness surrounds me. I have fleeting memories of battles, I've never had. I have sections of my memory, faded and out-of-focus. It's a half-remembered dream. The darkness plays tricks on me. I try to focus, but nothing. 
Suddenly flashes of a figure dance. A silhouette of a woman, who seems familiar, comes into focus; back lit to the point of masking her identity. I try to focus again, but the darkness consumes her. Just as her mouth begins to open, she is ripped away into the void. I become frozen-still. 
I open my eyes again. "A trick", I think to myself. I stare into the ceiling as if i'm expecting her face just to form from the plaster and let m…