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Just Another Reason To Fight

Just like a nightmare unfolds, I try to find a way to express my self. But at last, the girl I've been chasing becomes just a dusty shadow of hope. This bright beautiful woman, turns to be just another faded memory.

How do I find a way to apologize? How do I know where to nod my head and where the beg forgiveness? I've found myself at a crossroads at life, and as long as you've been gone, I've begged for a reason to know why you left me in the first place. But when you arrived, like some shining example of what the world could become, you weren't the one I thought you were. You have emotions like a light switch and can make me disappear from your memory with the clap of a hand. Just understand that, once the candle is out, there is no relighting it.

I held you up, like a perfect being, and yet I was the one being played. You were just a wax figure of an emotional train wreck. You couldn't handle yourself, and thought I was your savior, but even as you sit there …