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Do you think that we are here? Or are we just a distant, faded memory of a life once lived? We try so hard to believe that the end is not here when in fact it might have already happened. Just a world stuck. Not constant spinning, but instead more like a broken record or a treadmill... Constantly moving but never evolving. We are already dead. Not so much like the Emily Dickinson version, but perhaps more like some sort of overlapping déjà vu. 

I believe in a life that seems real, matrix at times, but almost perfect with a slight drop of bullshit. I believe we die a thousand times a day and we are seamlessly moved to a different place. A strange concept and an even harder one to accept, i'm sure. But if you stop and think about all the near death experiences you personally have come by, you start to wonder if they really were NEAR-MISSES. 

Separate yourself from what you believe is reality and imagine there's a billion realities, just like this, following each-other like a mirro…

Dreams... Just Dreams...

Why Does the wind blow? To cover the tracks where we have been so that no one will know we still exist

I woke up this morning (or at least I thought I did), to the slight memory of a dream. A dream in which we again stood together, side by side. We stared into a crowd and even out-numbered we didn't even feel the slightest bit alone. Torn clothing and sore muscles; we begin to re-ignite. It's already been a long battle, but you and I have come to know terror and never accept defeat. Each night, we claw closer and hold the line. We are unstoppable. Each Night, I close my eyes to see your face, to hear you scream, and to watch the end of the world all over again. 

I continue to believe that my dreams are more than they seem. I've felt strongly about joining you there. Together we can survive forever, lapse away and wake up decades from now and start life all over; get a second shot to do the things we were never meant to do. We can always wake up (right?). 

I see you there, lik…