Tonight We Resurrect

" I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can't imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife. You're the best I can do; but I'm sorry, you are just not good enough."

For once in my life, I find myself alone in a room packed to the brim with voices echoing from wall to wall. With the fire on my back and the snow falling just outside my window. I pace back and forth from inside. I am tempted dearly by the fire burning, but yet the cold is just three steps to my left. which is wrong, or which is right? I'm not sure where this life will lead me, but i'm starting to die inside. I'm starting to think there's no escape from this place. 

I lost every thing I loved most about this world when the sun came down, but the light will not phase my desire to shine far beyond the others with my craft. I've ventured much of my early life to sit and explain what the life I see consists of, but, before this came to fruition, it was stolen from my hands. The fire stole my soul but it will not capture what it means when my eyes hit the screen and my fingers begin to write. I will rebuild but although it's not the end, I will find a new way to bring life back to the ashes, like a phoenix deep inside. she will come to life, like a story that no man could ever express deeply enough. 

She will be the perfection that she greatly deserves. I'm not sure that this copy is what she was, but it will be a shining example of what she means to me. If there is one that can hold me and yet empower me to fight, she is the one. Believe in nothing if not to believe in me. She, is the fighting force that my life has come to know. She will be the crowning achievement that has no greater meaning. If there is a place better than heaven it will be rolling on the floor kissing her. Being embraced in her arms as she is embraced in mine, will be like nothing ever seen. To find a new place to rest my head, to find a new life beyond these four walls, is my first proud moment. Today, we bring life back to the devil and lay to rest Revenge. That life has left me long ago, and there's no looking back now. We will bring forth a life that deserves to be praised and not examined with a burning scalpel. We will find the hero that lies in all of us, and we will take our lives to a new meaning and find a better way to express what the world around us means, and how to better help ourselves find her. 

Breath deep. Open your eyes and she will come to you in time. If you write it, if you believe it, if you live it, it will come to you with open arms and never leave you stranded. She will become a force to be reckoned. She will become a striving inspiration that will help words hit paper and lead hit the sky. 

There's nothing left here to rise above

We're not talking bout' that kind of love
You've got people here counting on you
Now's a good time
To learn how to pull through

Sometimes a good idea
Just isn't enough
You've got to do the work
Now get your ass up
There isn't really such a thing as bad luck
Yeah, but once I shot an arrow
In the sky and it stuck


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