Do you think that we are here? Or are we just a distant, faded memory of a life once lived? We try so hard to believe that the end is not here when in fact it might have already happened. Just a world stuck. Not constant spinning, but instead more like a broken record or a treadmill... Constantly moving but never evolving. We are already dead. Not so much like the Emily Dickinson version, but perhaps more like some sort of overlapping déjà vu. 

I believe in a life that seems real, matrix at times, but almost perfect with a slight drop of bullshit. I believe we die a thousand times a day and we are seamlessly moved to a different place. A strange concept and an even harder one to accept, i'm sure. But if you stop and think about all the near death experiences you personally have come by, you start to wonder if they really were NEAR-MISSES. 

Separate yourself from what you believe is reality and imagine there's a billion realities, just like this, following each-other like a mirror directly across from another mirror; now imagine if you died in one world, but instead of simply vanishing into death, you experience a close call, while seamlessly being delivered to an alternate reality where you walked away. The others in the previous world see your death and close the case and pretend the world moves at the pace it selects. They believe that there's some "mysterious man living in the sky" who can foretell each persons life and gets to pick and choose when it's their time. But what if in fact, we are all individually running on a treadmill of life. What if the déjà vu you feel is actually just a relapse of your memory. what if it really did happen to you before. 

What if the world you see, the air you breathe, and the actions that happen in your life are just memory. What if we are already dead; like some terrible ending to a great television drama. What if you could realize this and never truly find a way to wake up. What if the world you see is just a signal firing in your brain. If you can sleep for eight hours a day and it seems like seconds in "real world", then what's to say that it's impossible that you could live in this world forever? What if death is only  a stepping stone to a vast expanse of replays and previously recorded television commercials?

As long as man has attempted to explain life, there has always been an underlying question and thought running through everyone's mind.. "What happens when you die". Well, what if you already are. Is it too incredible to assume that death is already here? Is it too crazy to believe that each individual person you meet is actually just a memory of the people you met before; or just a figment of your subconscious  trying to create someone so you won't feel so alone in the world? What if we are all truly trapped in the Truman Show? What if the world is more like a computer where you can delete and transfer files without a moments hesitation? 

Some movies can inspire you to do many things, and although, some good and some bad, I don't believe that the world is coming to an end, any time soon; but what if death is just a condition? What if the bodies we batter, the bones we break, and the spirits we crush, are just an impulse from your brain? A huge majority of your brain is untapped and yet we spend our whole existence trying to discover why the world spins, instead of just trying how to get off the ride.

I don't honestly believe that this is an extraction or an inception, but i'm really starting to believe that someone left the tape on repeat and walked away. If all the movies can represent a world where the you can move in and out of your mind, what's to say that we already aren't flowing in that direction right now. What's to say that you can't find your own Vanilla Sky?

Think of a time, long ago, when you closed your eyes at night, woke up the next morning and really tried to remember a dream? What if the reason you can't really remember your dreams, is because your brain doesn't have the capability of doing two things at once? (creating this world, and pretending to imagine another). Or, what if the dream you had is actually a memory of a place you haven't been yet, and your mind doesn't want you realize life is bullshit. What if your subconscious is so attached to this place it's almost impossible to accept an alternative.

If you can believe, even for a moment, that the world you see is crooked, then there's a chance you'll understand what I'm trying to say. If you can take a step back and think of  a concept, hated by billions, denied by almost everyone, then there's a possibility you will make it out alive as well. I hope the world does keep spinning and I hope i'm wrong; but in the off-chance that i'm right, I will see you all in the next world, and the next, and the next. 

We are more than just reflections.


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