Dreams... Just Dreams...

Why Does the wind blow? To cover the tracks where we have been so that no one will know we still exist

I woke up this morning (or at least I thought I did), to the slight memory of a dream. A dream in which we again stood together, side by side. We stared into a crowd and even out-numbered we didn't even feel the slightest bit alone. Torn clothing and sore muscles; we begin to re-ignite. It's already been a long battle, but you and I have come to know terror and never accept defeat. Each night, we claw closer and hold the line. We are unstoppable. Each Night, I close my eyes to see your face, to hear you scream, and to watch the end of the world all over again. 

I continue to believe that my dreams are more than they seem. I've felt strongly about joining you there. Together we can survive forever, lapse away and wake up decades from now and start life all over; get a second shot to do the things we were never meant to do. We can always wake up (right?)

I see you there, like a demon, an angel, and something more sinister wrapped in a scratched, bruised, broken shell: begging me to keep on my feet. You are relentless, fearless and unforgiving. You are the pinnacle of that small bit of fire that builds in all of us. You are the fighter that I could never become and yet would give my life, willingly, to come close to tasting the pure destruction that makes your heart beat. I'm dying to hear you call my name. 

Each dream is more realistic than the last, as if my mind is training me before my body has healed. I fear the daylight. I fear opening my eyes and losing you again. I'll search through the rubble of broken buildings in Russia; I'll find you in the darkest corners in the brightest part of the day; i'll find you in the blackest part of the night. When the stars fall from the sky and we sleep forever, I will dream of you. I will dream of you and I. I will dream that there we are, in our prime, holding off the masses; fighting for what we know of survival. Just as the song goes "when the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we see; No I won't be afraid, I won't be afraid, just as long as you stand by me. "

So stand by me if the the world stops turning, stand by me when my eyes close and you're all i see. The moment i'm there scream and run to me, as if i was gone for a thousand years, because it's the way I feel when the day goes on. I feel a bit of myself is torn and left back in the end of the world, i'm thirty years or three hours from judgement day, only you know. So don't wait a moment to live (even if it's only a dream). Find me in your dreams and I will find you in mine. We will live forever. 

I know that I cannot take you with me. I know that this may be the last time we cross our paths, but there's more to it than just what it seems. I'm waiting for you on the other side. It's a journey I've taken for years and can't seem to accomplish. I've ran this through you once before, and you've told me that there's something better out there for me. You keep explaining that even when the candles begin to fade and there seems to be no hope, fight on with furious anger. Believe that we can change the world and smash that inconsiderate bastard into submission. 

Tonight we revolt.Tonight we prove to the world that you're only living when you're asleep. Life we thought was only in the daylight, step into the shadows and you will see what it means; Life is only the perception of our dreams and how we truly are when the lights go out and someone truly hits the reset button. Tonight, it's you and me. Tonight it's our dream and we will not falter


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